Many people spend a lot of time and money perfecting their master bathrooms. While it is great to create your own personal oasis, don’t forget the importance of providing an accessible and comfortable space for your guests as well. Your guests will feel welcome if they are able to make themselves at home in a clean and relaxing bathroom. When remodeling your guest bath, you should try to keep your best hotel experience in mind. Remember the luxurious linens and refreshing shower? The bathroom remodeling experts at Indy Renovation can help give your guest bath the feel of a hotel with the comfort of home. 

Guest Bathroom Remodel

Back to Basics

Be sure to include the basic bathroom features that all bathrooms need: shower, tub, sink, vanity, and toilet. There are ways to make these essential items more enjoyable for your guests. Get a nice shower head that provides plenty of pressure for a refreshing way to start the day. A guest bathroom typically only needs one sink, but you can install a spacious vanity so that your guests will have plenty of room to get ready. Also, be sure to provide ample mirror space and lots of light.

Accessibility Is Key

In the guest bathroom, you do not need to provide as much storage as you would in your master bathroom. Just be sure there is enough space for your guests’ personal belongings so that they don’t need to be stored on the floor or in the bedroom. Providing toiletries and medicine is a nice touch, especially if your guests have children. A laundry hamper is particularly handy if your guests will be staying for an extended amount of time. Don’t forget hooks and racks for a convenient place to hang wet towels or bathrobes. 

Decide on Design

Your guest bathroom is a good place to play with some design ideas. If you have some fun or funky wallpaper, paint, or accessories, this might be a good place to try them out. Or, you could continue with the hotel theme and keep the design classic and simple. Whatever you do, just don’t go overboard. Try to imagine your guests unwinding at the end of the day. You want them to feel relaxed and at home while staying with you, so design a space that you would feel relaxed in. 

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