Heavy rains are common in Indianapolis, and can quickly turn your clean, dry basement into a water-damaged nightmare. That’s why most homeowners with basements invest in a sump pump – to protect against flooding and avoid costly water damage repairs. However, because your sump pump only runs when it is needed, you may not notice right away when it becomes worn out and needs to be replaced. To prevent pump failure, look for these three signs that your sump pump needs to be replaced brought to you by the team at Indy Renovation.

Signs Your Sump Pump Needs Replaced

1. Cycling on and off

When your sump pump is needed, it should not be frequently cycling on and off. This is a sign that the basin is too small to handle the volume in your basement, and it is being overworked. If this continues, your sump pump’s motor will quickly burn out and the pump will fail. A professional plumber will be able to replace your pump with a model that has a deeper basin and can handle the amount of water in your basement.

2. Strange Noises

Generally, your sump pump shouldn’t make much noise when it runs. So, if you’re hearing more than a low hum, you may have a problem. It could be a failing motor or an impeller that has been jammed, but it likely points to worn or damaged parts within your pump. Your plumber will be able to tell you whether these parts can be repaired or if the whole pump needs replaced.

3. Failing to Turn On

Finally, check to make sure your pump is running any time there is a threat of water entering your home. It should not only run during heavy rainstorms, but also when water seeps into your basement from ground pressure, melting snow, or dripping pipes. Look for increased puddling or pooling water on your basement floor as your sump pump may not be cycling on when it should be.

If your sump pump needs to be replaced, our team at Indy Renovation would be glad to answer your questions or schedule an in-home consultation. We are known throughout Indianapolis for our expert plumbing services and quality bathroom remodeling. To get started, contact Indy Renovation today at (317) 375-4464.

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