Some homeowners love to remodel. They finish one project and start planning another one right away. In contrast, others dread the work of remodeling and the stress of all the decisions to make. If you are a homeowner that doesn’t necessarily love remodeling projects, you probably want to make sure that when you do decide to remodel, you create a space you will love for years to come. That’s why our team at Indy Renovation has put together this list of tried and true design tips for a successful bathroom makeover.

Designing a Bathroom You'll Love

1. Choose an Open and Functional Layout

The first big decision you’ll need to make it what type of layout you want to use in your bathroom. We recommend an open and airy layout that will make your bathroom feel brighter and larger. Our professional team can work with you to find a layout that will make your space functional and, because we also have plumbers on our team, we are able to move existing fixtures if they aren’t currently meeting your needs.

2. Consider Your Future

Another way to ensure you love your bathroom remodel for years to come is to consider your future needs. Will you be adding to your family in the coming years? If you have children in your future, you will likely want to keep a bathtub in at least one bathroom. Or, if you’re well past the kid stage and you’re planning to grow old in your home, you might consider increasing the accessibility of your bathroom. Wider doorways, walk-in tubs, and extra handrails might be good elements to consider for your future.

3. Choose Long-Lasting Products

Finally, to avoid having to remodel again in a few years, make sure you’re choosing quality products that will last a long time. As you choose your countertops, for example, choose a surface that can handle plenty of moisture, and can resist stains, bacteria, and odors. Also, consider larger tiles to minimize grout lines and make cleaning and upkeep easier.

At Indy Renovation, we pride ourselves in creating spaces that will serve our clients for years to come. If you’re in the Indianapolis area, contact Indy Renovation today at (317) 375-4464, or request a consultation online.

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