If you are looking to remodel your bathroom, incorporating a custom shower is the perfect way to add luxury and style. However, a custom shower must be done correctly, or it can be a disaster. At Indy Renovation, our team of experts has been building custom showers for the residents in and around Indianapolis for over 60 years. So today, we’re discussing the three major mistakes we’ve seen, and how to avoid them.

Custom Shower Mistakes

1. Improper Showerhead Placement

Because custom showers are often walk-in showers with no doors, the type of showerhead, and the placement, are extremely important. It doesn’t take an expert to realize that if you install the showerhead in the wrong place, it could flood the bathroom floor every time you take a shower. In our custom showers, we like to use a rain head showerhead which is, by design, directed down at your head, not flowing diagonally towards your body. Rain head showerheads are both luxurious and greatly reduce the chance of water flowing out onto your bathroom floor.

2. Failure to Consider Privacy

The second mistake is one of personal preference. If you live alone or have open boundaries with your partner, you will have no issue with a beautiful, clear glass, walk-in shower. However, not everyone wants that much of themselves on display for their partners or kids who interrupt shower time. If you want a walk-in shower but also need a little privacy, you have options. Consider using obscure glass in part of the shower instead of clear glass throughout. A glass block shower wall can also be used to create a private, yet open shower.

3. Incorrect Sloping

Finally, as we discussed above, you definitely never want your walk-in shower to cause your bathroom floors to flood. Part of this problem is solved with a correctly-placed showerhead, but the other piece of the puzzle is a correctly-sloped and waterproofed shower base. Working with a professional is important in this area because we can build a system that will work with your shower design, and keep your bathroom floors dry.

To begin designing your custom shower, contact the experts at Indy Renovation today at (317) 375-4464. With over 60 years of experience, Indy Renovation and our related companies are the premier bathroom renovation experts in the CarmelFishers, Indianapolis, and central Indiana area

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