Spring has finally sprung in Indiana, and with that comes the welcome relief from cloudy skies, slick roads, and freezing temperatures. However, with the change in weather, we often see a few common plumbing problems take homeowners by surprise. This is especially true if you have several warm days in a row followed by a few cold days- which is par for the course in Indiana! Read on to learn about the three most common plumbing problems our team at Indy Renovation sees most often in the springtime.

3 Common Plumbing Problems We Find in the Spring

1. Leaky Pipes

Often, pipes develop leaks during the winter months, but they aren’t noticeable until the weather warms up. This is most often caused by the expansion and contraction brought on by temperature changes. Your pipes contract and freeze in the winter, causing cracks, then warmer temperatures cause them to expand, and the cracks become bigger, causing bigger leaks. These leaks are especially dangerous for older plumbing systems and outdoor plumbing devices like your hose bib. Any uninsulated pipe, especially those right beneath your sinks, can be cracked by winter weather. You might notice dripping or standing water in the affected area or musty smells that should be addressed right away.

2. Main and Sewer Line Obstructions

We all love seeing the new plant life sprout up in the spring, but unfortunately, these growing plants can cause some damage. When trees start to grow again, they stretch out their roots in search of water and nutrients in the soil. Because your underground supply and sewer lines contain water, these roots may intrude into your pipes and cause obstructions. These obstructions can then cause drainage issues and low water pressure inside your home.

3. Slow Fixture Drainage

Slow draining in sinks, showers, bathtubs, and floor drains is one of the most common and possibly most annoying springtime plumbing issues. Many factors can cause slow draining such as root intrusion or buildup within your pipes. Hosting visitors, preparing food for the holidays, and other wintertime activities might have caused clogs that you didn’t notice until spring. In this case, the slow drainage might be limited to a single fixture or room. It’s crucial to hire a plumber to inspect and clear the clog because many obstacles happen out of sight and are difficult to access.

If this spring brings plumbing issues your way, call on the experts at Indy Renovation. We have the experience to get the job done right. Contact us in Indianapolis at (317) 375-4464 to speak with one of our licensed plumbers today about what we can do for you. And be sure to check out what our happy customers have to say!

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