The bathroom is one of the most popular, and expensive, rooms to renovate. When deciding on a new home, homebuyers often look critically at the master bathroom, and bathroom upgrades typically go far when increasing your home’s value. However, some homeowners spend thousands on master bathroom remodeling and make drastic mistakes that can end up costing them even more in the end. According to the bathroom remodeling experts at Indy Renovation, here are some common bathroom design mistakes to avoid on your next project.

Bathroom Design Mistakes to Avoid

1. No Windows

Natural light is such an important feature in any bathroom. No one wants to spend time in a dark, damp bathroom. Natural light can help avoid the growth and spread of mold and mildew, and it makes the whole space feel bigger. If you’re relocating or building a new bathroom, try to make sure it’s on an outside wall so a window will be possible. If that isn’t possible, talk to your contractor about adding a skylight to bring in that natural light.

2. Emphasizing the Toilet

When designing your bathroom layout, avoid making the toilet the first thing you see when you walk into the room. Additionally, avoid any sight lines to it from adjacent rooms, if possible. Putting the toilet in its own room is a great way to add privacy and emphasize the prettier parts of your bathroom, like the shower and vanity. This will also allow someone to use the toilet while someone else uses the shower or gets ready at the sink.

3. Failing to Prioritize Function

Finally, another common bathroom design mistake is failing to consider and plan for proper flow and function in the bathroom. Bathrooms with ample lighting, space, and storage operate with more efficiency and provide an increased level of practicality and functionality. This works well when multiple people may need to use the bathroom in the morning to get ready. So as you consider your bathroom design, remember to consider who will be using it most and design it accordingly.

Now that you know what not to do with your bathroom remodel, it’s time to start designing the bathroom of your dreams. If you’re in the Indianapolis area, contact Indy Renovation today at (317) 375-4464, or request a consultation online.

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