The 2023 color trends are in. When the bathroom remodel is completed, experts say it’s all about feeling serene, quiet, and lovely. Earthy tones and vibrant highlights are the main colors used in interior color schemes. Your bathroom ought to be a tranquil haven where stress can melt away. The most recent bathroom color trends are an excellent reflection of this concept. That’s why the crew at Indy Renovation has provided some color advice so that you can get started on your future oasis.

3 Bathroom Color Recommendations for Summer

1. Natural Greens

Green hues are becoming popular for bathroom renovations. This soft, natural tone is being used in bolder, more adventurous ways by more people. This is your cue to try green if you’ve been wanting to, as your bathroom is a great place to start. Green has strength without being obtrusive. You can paint your walls green, use green tiles, or even try it as a vanity color. Use green with tans, browns, and unfinished wood because it complements natural hues beautifully.

2. Airy Blues

Since many designers view blue as a neutral color, it is unsurprising that soft blue is a popular color for a summer palette. Blue, though, can also appear chic and contemporary. You need a light blue color that conjures up images of a clear sky. You can make this color even more alluring by finding it in tiles with a unique shape. Geometric shapes like hexagons, scallops, and patterns all add visual interest. You can also use a traditional subway tile in a herringbone pattern for movement and texture.

3. Earth Tones

Finally, let nature pour into your bathroom by incorporating earth tones such as tans, browns, and greys. To complement your look, include natural elements like stone flooring and tiles to give the space an updated look. To add some color, add bathroom decor with a natural theme, like plants. This will give your space visual interest and color without distracting from the color scheme.

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