If you turn on the bathroom or kitchen faucet and only observe a trickle or a few droplets of water come out, it may be a sign that water inside the pipes has frozen and is obstructing a free flow. If this occurs, it’s important to stay calm. A frozen pipe does not have to end in a plumbing emergency. You might be better prepared than you realize to handle the circumstance. Continue reading to learn more from the team at Indy Renovation.

What to Do About a Frozen Pipe | Pipe Repair

Turn the Faucet On

First, you should let the water continue to drip out. Even a small amount of water from the faucet can save a pipe from exploding. When freezing occurs, tremendous pressure develops between the faucet and the ice blockage. This pressure is released by an open faucet, which helps to stop a burst from happening.

Start Heating the Pipes

There are various methods available for heating the pipes. You can use a space heater or a hair dryer as an external heat source, or you can wrap the pipes in thermostatically controlled heat tape. If you elect to use a hair dryer, start blowing air near the end of the pipe closest to the faucet and move it gradually toward the coldest part. Take care to avoid blowing a fuse or overheating the hair dryer. Keep in mind that while heat is being provided, the faucet should remain open. Do not use a propane torch as that poses a fire risk and may cause pipe damage.

Keep Heat on the Pipes

Even after the faucet has returned to full working order, you’ll want to keep some extra heat on the pipes while the temperature outside remains freezing. At the very least, leave cabinet doors open to help warm air circulate around the pipes. If possible, use a small space heater to keep the pipes from freezing up again.

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