Over the years, tile has gone from a functional design piece used mostly for its resistance to water and durability to a statement element with real aesthetic impact. In fact, there is now so much variety in design, shape, color, and texture that finding the right tile for your bathroom remodel can be pretty overwhelming. That’s why our team at Indy Renovation has put together three of our favorite tile trends of 2021. Let your creativity flow and enjoy the tile selection process!

2021 Bathroom Tile Design Trends

1. Graphic Patterns

Homeowners are starting to make bolder design choices when completing renovation projects. Instead of shying away from patterns, we’re starting to see graphic prints either in subtle hues or bold contrasting colors that really offer the opportunity to tap into your creative side. The best part is, you can use a graphic design throughout your entire bathroom, or make a fun accent tiled wall. The options are limitless!

2. Matte Finishes

Next, instead of the traditional glossy finish, we’re loving the contemporary look of a matte finish. The major advantage of a matte finish (aside from looking amazing) is that it does not show smudges or water marks as easily as glossy tiles do. This makes them ideal for busy, shared bathrooms that can be difficult to keep clean. However, do make sure that your bathroom has plenty of light when using a matte-finished tile as they are not known for their ability to reflect light. You’ll love the understated elegance and sophistication that matte finish tiles will bring to your bathroom.

3. Interesting Shapes

Finally, add character to your bathroom by choosing tiles in interesting shapes. White hexagonal tiles look great across a bathroom wall, but you don’t have to stick to just one shape. Mix and match to create a modern-day mosaic appearance that can be both bold and sophisticated. Whether you use this look for your bathroom’s backsplash, a fun statement floor, or your shower walls, this interestingly shaped tile will instantly add flair to your bathroom.

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