If you live in an older home you get to experience a number of interesting nooks and crannies that homes with modern construction do not posses. Unfortunately for these types of homes, several are tight on space, especially in the bathrooms. Luckily, there are ways to maintain old charm white making the most of the bathroom space you have. Consider the following bathroom remodeling ideas, ranging in time, construction and cost, to open up a small bathroom in your home.

Small Bathroom Décor and Storage

The easiest way to open up a bathroom with little-to-no actual construction, purchase items to open up the space, make sure that they are in fact opening the area not cluttering it. Wall baskets make great storage and decoration in a closed bathroom. Wicker wall baskets look great hanging on the wall, but they are also functional, holding make-up, hair dryers, just about anything you can think of. You can also purchase a new shower curtain bar. Many homeowners are trying out the curved shower curtain bars. When space is tight in your tub or shower, the curve on the bar adds a little square footage in the shower when the curtain is closed.

Remove Large Vanities

Streamlining your vanity can open up a small bathroom with minimal construction, costing less than options like a full bathroom remodel. If you have a large vanity that takes up a chunk of space in your bathroom that you could better use, then choose a smaller vanity. Many people love the retro look and feel of pedestal sinks, but fear trying them because of the storage space they will lose. You do have a few options if you want to go with a pedestal sink. One option is to wrap a square-shaped pedestal sink with a Velcro skirt, which gives it a quaint, old-fashioned look, while still affording you some storage space under the curtain.

Layout of Bathroom Fixtures

When designing a complete bathroom remodel, the first thing to do is consider the layout of your fixtures. Use a dry erase board to show the bathroom’s current layout, then envision other possible layouts and draw those. Make sure you are using accurate relations between the spaces and appliances. The final question is whether or not moving some fixtures would save space and reduce congestion. If you do decide you would like to move a large fixture such as the sink, toilet or tub, plumbing is an important attribute to consider. If you decide to move major fixtures like a sink or shower, it is important to talk to a trained bathroom remodeling contractor.

If you live in an older home, it is important to take advantage of all the perks it has to offer. You can open up a small bathroom with a number of different bathroom remodeling options depending on the amount of construction you want done, as well as how much money you’d like to spend. Call the contractors at Indy Renovation in Indianapolis today and ask about their small bathroom remodeling ideas.

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