When our plumbers are called to a home for water heater issues, the home is often without hot water. The water heater has already failed, and the homeowner is stressed at the idea of having to replace it unexpectedly. While no one loves spending money on getting a new water heater, it doesn’t have to catch you off guard. Our plumbers at Indy Renovation have found these four signs (originally shared by Angie’s List) to be accurate indications that you may soon need to replace your water heater.


1. Your water heater’s age

Check your owner’s manual or the serial number on your unit to determine the age of your water heater. Most water heaters don’t last more than 10 years, so you may want to begin your search for a replacement.

2. Strange noises

Have you recently noticed that the water heater is making extra racket? Those rumblings and banging sounds may be an indication that the water heater is on its way out.

3. Water at the base of the unit

If you begin to notice water pooling around the water heater, you most likely have a leak (quite possibly caused by all that banging). Water around the base is a good indicator that it’s time to call a plumber and get a replacement.

4. Rusty hot water

When you run the hot water, do you see a noticeable amount of rust? Over time, some water heaters become rusty from the inside, and this can transfer into your water.

If you notice any of these signs, you know it’s time to call a plumber for a replacement water heater. Don’t wait until your hot water stops completely. If you wait too long, you may risk damage to your home due to a leaky water heater. It’s best to minimize damages and replace the unit as soon as possible.

Maybe you haven’t noticed these signs, but you know that your water heater is within a year or two of the manufacturer’s warranty. At Indy Renovation, we recommend that you go ahead and start saving up for a replacement. So when it finally starts to fail, you are ready to purchase the replacement stress-free.

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photo credit: Ding Double Dong via photopin (license)
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