Are you planning to host a big event this holiday season? Chances are you are deep in preparation mode with cooking and cleaning and preparing your home for visitors. However, one area you may not have thought to prepare is your bathroom plumbing. You wouldn’t want to spend your Christmas vacation dealing with plumbing issues, so check out these tips from your friends at Indy Renovation and have a safe and happy holiday season!

Christmas Plumbing Problems

Unfamiliar Children

If you don’t have small children living in your home, you may have forgotten the occasional mischief they can get into in the bathroom. Plan for your pint-sized visitors by keeping a few things in mind and communicating with them or their parents before a problem occurs. First, make sure they know not to use too much toilet paper as it can cause a serious clog. Next, be sure they understand not to take toys into the bathroom and never to flush them! The toilet is not a swimming pool for Barbie and a flushed toy can cause major plumbing problems.

Furry Friends

Do your friends or family like to bring their pets along with them when they visit your home? Pets, like children, can cause unique problems in the bathroom and it’s best to be prepared for them. If your guests want to bathe their pet while staying at your home, we recommend they do it outside or at a pet store or groomer. Mud, matted fur, and other debris can cause serious clogs in your bathroom drains so if you do need to bathe a pet in your tub, use a removable strainer. Additionally, check around your plumbing for any exposed pipes that may tempt a curious pet who loves to chew, and always keep your toilet lid closed!

Christmas Presents

Finally, watch out for Christmas presents that may cause harm to your plumbing. If you receive bath bombs or other specialty bath products, use caution to protect your plumbing while using them. Clean your tub immediately after using a bath bomb to help remove any dyes or other residue that could cause staining. Avoid using bath bombs with essential oils if you have silicone seals in your tub or shower and be careful when using bath bombs with glitter, as the glitter can easily clog your drain.

If this Christmas season brings plumbing issues your way, call on the experts at Indy Renovation. We have the experience to get the job done right. Contact us in Indianapolis at (317) 375-4464 to speak with one of our licensed plumbers today about what we can do for you. And be sure to check out what our happy customers have to say.

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