A home’s water pump and tank often go unnoticed—until something goes wrong. However, what many homeowners don’t know (or just choose to ignore) is that a water pump system requires regular maintenance. This routine maintenance by an experienced plumber can help Indianapolis homeowners like yourself avoid future water tank or water pump issues.

Indy Renovation—serving Indianapolis and Carmel residents—recommends that you schedule a routine service and maintenance visit with one of our plumbers every two or three years or before you sell your home. (You don’t want any issues popping up on the inspection report.) If you aren’t sure whether well-pump maintenance or a complete replacement is necessary, allow us to schedule you for a free well and water pump inspection.


photo credit: WC – out of service via photopin (license)

At a well pump inspection, we take a look at your well, the pump, and the overall system function. From there, our plumber can give you guidance as to whether additional maintenance or repairs are needed. Often, regular replacement of small parts help ward off pricier repairs or well pump replacement. If you have any water tank or well pump concerns prior to your appointment, be sure to mention them to the plumber in advance.

Indy Renovation is Indiana’s premier plumbing and bathroom-remodeling company. Not only can we provide you with routine well pump maintenance, but our team can also help you with water tank replacement, a submersible pump upgrade, pipe repairs, or even a complete bathroom remodel. We source all our plumbing and remodeling services in house, so you know you’re getting the best plumbers and contractors in the Indianapolis area.

Let us help you keep your well pump and water tank working smoothly—almost undetected. To get started, contact Indy Renovation at (317) 375-4464 during regular business hours. Our Indy Renovation team is ready to answer your questions or to schedule a free water pump inspection.

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