Home improvement projects can be a lot of fun, but also a lot of work. Planning a bathroom remodel, for example, must be done carefully in order to have a successful and stress-free experience. At Indy Renovation, we have over 60 years of experience remodeling bathrooms and completing plumbing projects for homeowners in the Indianapolis area, so we’ve picked up a few tricks along the way. Read on to learn how you can plan a bathroom remodel like an expert.

How to Plan a Remodel Like an Expert

Focus On a Design Idea

Thanks to technology, there is no shortage of home improvement ideas available at your fingertips. Between Pinterest and HGTV, you could have hundreds of different design ideas catch your eye. However, when you get serious about making a remodeling plan, you need to narrow down your ideas to the ones that you really love. This is where working with a home improvement expert or bathroom designer can help.

Choose Your Timing Wisely

Another thing to remember as you set out to plan this project, is to carefully consider your timing. Home renovation projects are typically more time-consuming and disruptive than you’d expect, so don’t try and tackle a bathroom remodel while you’re also in the middle of another project. Also, check the calendar for major holidays, vacation plans, and major life changes you may be expecting. Try to avoid these timing conflicts, and choose a time of year that’s relatively free of big events in order to minimize your stress.

Make a Plan for Kids and Pets

Remodeling a bathroom can be pretty disruptive to daily life for the whole family. Depending on how long your bathroom will be out of commission, you may want to spend some days at a family member’s house or even a hotel. You and your kids will, of course, need to make arrangements to use a different bathroom while the renovated one is out of service, but don’t forget about keeping your pets safe as well. They will need to be kept out of the way of any construction zones set up in your home.

With these tips and help from the expert team at Indy Renovation, remodeling your bathroom should be a breeze! To get started, contact us at (317) 375-4464.

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