Walk-In TubIf you or a loved one has ever fallen in the bathroom, you know it can be a hazardous place, especially if you have physical limitations. Even the act of getting in or out of the bathtub can be a stressful and challenging experience. Add water to the mix, and the recipe for slipping can increase exponentially. At Indy Renovation, we hate to hear of anyone’s bathroom causing them stress.

Your bathroom is meant to be a place of respite, a retreat where you can unwind and wash off the worries from the day. As a premier bathroom remodeler in Indianapolis, we can help you add safety features to your bathroom while still keeping it looking great. Here are a just a few of the options we offer.

Walk-in Bathtubs

A walk-in tub is just what it sounds like. You get all the perks of a bathtub—the ability to soak and let the warm waters relax your body and mind. However, a walk-in tub includes a safety door that allows you to walk in and out of the tub just like you might a shower. You get the best of both worlds and peace of mind.

Grab Bar

Many people need some assistance getting up and down in the bathroom. We have a number of grab bar options that can give you a steady hand either next to the toilet or next to the bathtub.

Non-slip Flooring

No matter who you are, water on almost any floor can cause you to slip and fall. If you’re less than steady on your feet, you may want to consider the benefits of installing non-slip flooring.

Expanded Doorways

If maneuvering in and out of the bathroom is a struggle, then allow our remodeling team to enlarge the entrance. We can expand your doorway, giving you the added space you need to use your restroom without bumps and bruises.

Get a Free Estimate

“Just how much will all these safety features cost?” you wonder. Well, with just a quick phone call, our team at Indy Renovation can get you a free quote on any of our bathroom safety, plumbing, or remodeling services. Contact us today at (317) 375-4464.

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