Did you make a New Year’s resolution to complete that bathroom remodel project that you have been talking about and planning for months? 2019 is a great year to keep that resolution, and Indy Renovation is here to help you do it. We want you to get your January started off right so we are offering this amazing end of year special: Save 10% (up to $500) on a 3-piece bathroom remodel when you sign up by the end of the year! You don’t want to pass this deal up so here are a few pointers to get you started on the process.

Year End Bathroom Remodel

Make a List

If you’re in the planning stages of your bathroom remodel, one of the first tasks you should complete is making a list of all of the pieces you want to replace and all the changes you want to make in your bathroom. Is your update mostly cosmetic so you’ll be changing the paint color and fixtures? Or are you looking to replace everything from the floor to the toilet to the countertops? Write down all of your ideal changes and then you can narrow the list as you refine your budget. 

Get Inspired

Not many of us are natural designers. We often need a little help, whether it be from our favorite HGTV show, Pinterest boards, or our friend who does design work on the side. No matter where you get your inspiration, collect ideas and pictures so that you can start narrowing down the look you are going after. 

Make a Budget

It’s hard to know how much your bathroom remodel will cost before talking to a remodel professional, and even then, unexpected costs can arise. Start the planning process by deciding how much you are willing to spend. This number might change as the process develops but it is good to have a starting point. You can also do a simple Google search to determine the approximate cost of each bathroom piece. Ultimately, you will want to talk to a professional to get a more accurate idea and a quote for the labor. 

The end of 2018 is almost here so don’t wait to take advantage of this amazing deal! Sign up with Indy Renovation today to save 10% on your 3-piece bathroom remodel. For more information and to receive a free design and estimate, call us at (317) 375-4464. Let us help you keep that New Year’s resolution and make your bathroom dreams a reality! 


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