Looking for some great design ideas for your bathroom remodel? One of the more popular design schemes we’ve seen here recently at Indy Renovation is the “modern rustic” or “modern farmhouse.” It’s warm and inviting with a touch of contemporary, making it a great blend for a variety of people.

A few key features of modern rustic design are as follows:

  • Bathroom Design IdeasWhite or light color scheme: The modern rustic design utilizes primarily white (or even a light gray) in the wall color, cabinetry, shower tiles, and so on. This color scheme lends itself to a simple, clean design that’s both airy and comforting.
  • Straight lines: From cabinets to hardware, you don’t see a lot of twists and curls that may be more common in a traditional or ornate design style. Instead, you see clean, straight lines and simple finishes.
  • Natural elements: What really brings the modern rustic design together is its blend of natural elements. You’ll see touches of both wood and stone, accented by some green plants or earthy elements in the decorations. Many homeowners opt for reclaimed wood that gives a more rustic appeal and amps up the character.
  • Metal: When you think of rustic, you definitely need to pay attention to your metallic elements, like bathroom vanity hardware. The biggest rule is to avoid anything too shiny or sparkly—anything you’d attach the word “bling” to. On the other hand, “modern rustic” also doesn’t have to be overly rustic either. Just go with something clean and simple.

Want to discover more about modern rustic design or start making plans for your bathroom remodel? Contact our team at Indy Renovation today by calling (317) 375-4464. Indy Renovation is Indianapolis’s premier bathroom remodeler. From plumbing to installing a custom walk-in shower, we do it all. We’d be glad to give you a free, no-obligation quote on your bathroom remodel and talk through your ideas.


photo credit: public domain via pixabay

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