A bathroom remodel can be both exciting and a lot of hard work. You have many decisions to make such as flooring, whether you want a custom shower, and the type of lighting that enhances your space. But before you can make these decisions, it’s good to choose an overall color scheme so you can coordinate all the other elements.

We at Indy Renovation love seeing a bathroom remodel come together. Here are a few colors schemes we hand-picked to help you get your creativity flowing.

1. Timeless Neutrals

neutral color schemes

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If you want colors that are both relaxing and classic, then consider neutrals including soft grays, creamy beige, or an elegant white. These colors tend to stand the test of time. Plus, neutrals allow you to add pops of color in your decorating as accent pieces without overpowering the room.

2. Calming Blues


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Experts say that if you want to promote peace, tranquility, and overall calm in your life, choose the color blue. Blue tones have a way of helping us deal with stress—a great color choice for your new spa-like bathroom remodel. Plus, blue pairs easily with neutral tones (both brown and gray tones) as well as other more vibrant accent colors.

3. Happy Yellow Tones


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While you may not want to feel like you’re stepping into the sun when you enter your bathroom, the right shade of yellow can lighten your spirits and fit both modern and traditional styles. Like blue, yellow color schemes pair well with neutrals or with other more non-traditional accent colors.

4. Deep Purples


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If you’re ready to dive into color, consider using a deep purple as the foundation of your color scheme. Purple has a majestic and modern feel to it, and can be good way to create a fun, fashion-forward bathroom. Even if your walls aren’t purple, you can choose accent features that pull in the purple tones.

Want more bathroom remodel color schemes or design ideas? Contact Indy Renovation at (317) 375-4464. Our bathroom remodeling team can help you complete your bathroom remodel from the design stage to the finishing touches. Check out what our satisfied customers are saying, and give us a call today!

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