Indiana homeowners can rejoice that they no longer have to shovel snow out of their driveway anymore. While you’re working on creating a beautiful exterior for the warmer climate, consider updating the interior of the house as well. Now that summer is kicking into full swing, it’s time to get started on that bathroom remodel you’ve always wanted.

If you don’t have an eye for decorating or designing, a bathroom remodel can be a difficult job to tackle. At Indy Renovation, our experts have come up with the best bathroom remodeling advice for the summer.

Add an Accent Color: Keep the essence of summer alive with a bright color to accent your bathroom. A bold color can really energize a lackluster bathroom. You can accentuate the appearance of your bathroom with ceramic tile in an accent color, or paint the walls to further enhance the space. Intricate tile patterns can also complement the accent color.

iStock_000016949954XSmallGet Organized: If you got behind on spring cleaning, summer is the perfect time to organize your bathroom. A simple solution for organizing the clutter is to install shelving in your bathroom. For your next bathroom remodeling project, shelving is a great option for allowing you to store your bathroom essentials. Now your shampoo bottles and soap will have a proper place instead of being left astray on the countertop.

Keep it Clean: Many homeowners in Indy find that although summer brings warmer temperatures, it also consists of more humidity. A humid environment can create problems for your bathroom. It’s important to keep your bathroom clean so that bacteria, mold, and mildew don’t grow. Take care of your bathroom by disinfecting it regularly this summer.

To learn about more bathroom design tips, contact Indy Renovation for all your questions concerning bathroom remodeling. Call us at 317-375-4464 to hear about all the services we provide to homeowners in Indianapolis and surrounding areas.  

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