As a homeowner, preventing water damage is a top priority. If you’re not prepared, one bad rainstorm could transform your beautiful basement into a swamp. That’s why many homes in Indiana have a sump pump, which is a device that is installed beneath the surface of a home to prevent excess water from pooling where it doesn’t belong. If you’re not sure if your home needs a sump pump, let our team at Indy Renovation help with this list of signs your home could benefit from a new sump pump.

Sump Pump

1. Your Basement Has Flooded

If you’ve noticed water pooling or excessive moisture in your basement, it’s likely your home could benefit from a sump pump. Chronic flooding is an indicator that groundwater will easily find its way through cracks in the foundation and into your home.

2. Your Home Is on an Incline or Flat Area

If the natural flow of water is toward your home, the lower levels of your house may be at risk of flooding or water damage. Additionally, homes that are built on a flat area are at risk and will need precautions to be sure they don’t flood.

3. Your Sump Pump Is More Than 6-10 Years Old

If your home already has a sump pump but you’re worried it’s not working as it should, you may need to replace it. Sump pumps generally last up to ten years, but most plumbers agree that it’s a good idea to examine and potentially replace the unit after six years. The life span of a pump depends on how hard it works and how much water it is subjected to.

4. You Have Expensive Items in Your Basement

Even if your basement hasn’t flooded before, it’s always important to protect your investment. If you’ve had your basement finished or you use it as a storage center, a sump pump is an affordable type of “insurance” against serious water damage.

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