Pipes are like the veins of your home—they make sure water gets where it needs to go and keeps things running smoothly. Generally, a home’s pipes are built to last 20 years or more. However, your plumbing may need pipe repair or replacement if you experience any of the following.

1. Frozen Pipes

Cold temperatures can wreak havoc on poorly insulated pipes. If you fear that pipes in your home have frozen, call an Indianapolis plumber as soon as possible. Failure to have a professional look at your pipes could result in burst pipes and potential leaks.

2. Discolored Water

When you turn on your faucet, do you notice that your water is discolored? This could be a sign of old rusty piping in need of pipe repair or pipe replacement.

3. Drop in Water Pressure

If you recently noticed that your home’s water pressure has decreased significantly, consider whether it’s a plumbing issue. Sometimes, leaks, dents, or even clogs can cause your water pressure to drop, and you want to have your Indy plumber find the culprit as soon as possible.

4. Noticeable Leaks

A leaky pipe is never a good thing. Whether the leak is caused from a pinhole crack or hole or the pipes were not sealed properly, you don’t want to leave leaks alone. You’ll definitely want to look into pipe repair or possible replacement, depending on what caused the leak. Failure to respond to these signs could result in water damage to your home, not to mention possibly affecting the water you drink, cook, and clean with. If you’ve noticed any of these signs in your Indianapolis home, Indy Renovation can help you solve your plumbing concerns. Our plumbers can come to your home to assess whether pipe repairs are necessary, and we also respond to pipe repair emergencies (such as a burst pipe). Contact Indy Renovation today by calling (317) 375-4464.
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